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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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New Bedford City Officials are hoping to convince Mashpee Officials to choose them for their casino location. Mashpee Officials stated that there are still no final decisions regarding the casino issue.

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Gambling Diversities
29 May 2008

New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico have casinos. Different establishments and styles for different people. Its advantages are numerous; from location points to its diversified casino gaming.
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Casino Finances
29 November 2007

Casinos find the need to provide an effective financial management of their business. An efficient auditing process can strengthen the balance between a casino's income and expenses. This helps prevent fraud and bankruptcy to happen and helps casinos maximize their profits.
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Asian Casino Growth
24 December 2006

Casino growth in the US is still stable however according to some gaming analyst, Asias casinos are likely to increase their revenue more than their sister casinos in the states.
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Atlantic City Hilton Sued
22 December 2006

Tony Sirico is suing the Atlantic City Hilton for using his pictures on a billboard advertisement without his permission. The lawsuits filed are invasion of the privacy, consumer fraud and breach of contract
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